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‘You cannot stop me!’ Bullish DCI Kinoti says of phone calls threatening him over arrest

Fiile image of Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti. PHOTO| COURTESY

By Agencies

The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti now says that he will not relent in the fight against corruption.

Speaking to Reuters, DCI Kinoti narrated how in the recent past he has received calls from unknown people threatening him to stop arrests of individuals linked to graft.

“People might as well start preparing themselves because more arrests will be forthcoming… You cannot call me and stop me, you cannot stop me, you cant,” said a relentful Kinoti.

Mr. Kinoti further expressed confidence in the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji saying that the multi-agency cooperation is a game changer in the fight against graft.

“He is the first DPP I can say is a polished field officer. He knows investigations very well because by capacity he was an investigator and an operational man in the intelligence,” said Kinoti.

“I come from the lowest of the society and that is where I was picked as a child. I was brought up by a mission so I have no idea where money for my education came from upto university. So when I look back, our country is in plenty and all the resources of this country should be consolidated for the good of this country,” said Kinoti.

On his part, DPP Haji lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointments in EACC, DCI and the Inspecor General of Police saying that he picked individuals who could work very well together.

“Prosecutors and investigators never worked together but since Kinoti and I came into office, we have teams working together, we are able to sit down and agree…” said DPP Haji.

“The test case was NYS, and build a team that will gel togther and we have already done that,” he added.
Meanwhile, Chief Justice David Maraga on Friday announced the creation of special court that will hear corruption cases.

“I have given instructions that all these corruption cases, when a hearing starts, it will be heard contnously until its concluded,” said Maraga.

This comes in the wake of arrests and arraignement of a section of top leadership in the country.

Last week, former National Treasury Henry Rotich and his PS Kamau Thugge were arrested and charged with among other things abuse of office, wilful failure to comply with applicable procedures and guidelines relating to procurement as well as engaging in a project without prior planning.

Other charges leveled against them included abuse of office, committing an offence of financial misconduct, fraudulent acquisition of public property, wilful neglect to perform official duty and committing an offence of financial misconduct. They denied all charges.

The duo is out on a Ksh.15 million cash bail and ordered to stay away from office unless in the company of detectives.

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