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World Athletics power house under Siege.

Our glory needs revamping, with new training methodologies other wise we are headed to a performance  down spiral.

Looking at the last ten years, Kenya’s global competition rating have developed a gradient of failures particular cross country in comparison to professional competitions that attract lucrative winnings. What happened to our glorious times? The times of King of cross Country Jogn Ngugi, the X-Country Hero Paul Telgat and the Talent we saw with William Sigei, Rydia Cheromei, Sally Barasosio and others. See 2019 Word Championships results.
It’s an obvious case of globalization, social integration and diversity that have contributed to this windfall. The effect is far reaching taking away our traditional streak. The World athletics power house is under threat.

In nutshell, this is expect when

(A)  We open doors to our training camps for foreigners in the name of publicity. Foreign camps have mushroomed in every high altitude training ground and foreigners are willing to pay their last coin to grasp the secrets behind this East African state.

(B)  Kenya coaches lack proper incentives to keep our Top Training Secrets “Hand-Off”. Coaches need patriotism approach in offering top secrets to the foreign entities. Once the secrets are gone, Kenya will have to undergo a decade of re-inventing new training tactics.

(C) Kenyas John Doe and Jane Doe have been appointed foreign  states Athletics advisory boards . Its is worth noting that every Kenyan coach who happened to be a former runner is worth thousand of dollars to the foreign states.

(D) In recent years, athletes resolve to technology  derived energies compared  to the pre-2000 when Mike Kosgey and Dan Muchoki reined the fields on training hardships.

(E) Today’s Coaches take orders from Athletes agents while athletes dictate their own training programs. Many top runners will perceive local coaches and inadequate to administer or productive workable workout citing old school Techniques.

(F)  New generation of Athletes that live abroad training with own competitors. It is normal that most runners will reside where they compete, their long stay depletes their natural high altitude benefits.

Today every one is scared reading any news headlines on Kenya Athletics. It’s been marred with uncertainty, however  there is a turn around “We must enforce tough and specific training to our upcoming and sway away from these western developed training concepts that rover African track stars from overhead”.

Nelson Ndereva
Retired Marathon Runner

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