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Why women are more into weddings compared to men

Women tend to go all out when it comes to the occasion and want it to be perfect.

By the time most women reach the age of 13, they have already planned out the details of their dream wedding.

Weddings are one of the many occasions most of us show a display love, but it is women who are often more engrossed into the occasion, compared to men.

For a very long time, weddings have been termed as ‘a woman’s event’ even though men are part and parcel of it.

Women, however, invest so much time and effort planning weddings.

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Most of them prefer planning the wedding or if one can afford a planner, they prefer working closely with the planner so as to monitor how everything is being handled.

Weddings have been there for the longest time and have been done differently.

Some couples have preferred just going ‘old school’ and doing traditional weddings, others prefer going to the Attorney General’s office, while the bigger group is all for the pomp and colour that comes going all out with white weddings.

The process of planning a wedding is one many people term as exhausting.

Women tend to go all out when it comes to the occasion because they want everything to be great or rather perfect.

It’s not that men aren’t interested in weddings, but they tend to play it cool. As long as their suits and shoes are in order, they tend to believe the day will be just great.

But why does this day mean way more to a woman than a man?

In most cultures, the lady is the one who moves from her family to that of the husband, leaving behind her people because she has to play the role of a wife and daughter-in-law in the new family.

With this, the woman has to make sure that things go according to plan and at the same time, she is proving that she will be playing a really big role in the marriage.

This is one time all the attention is on the woman and a lot is done to ensure she shines on her special day.

A woman’s gown is one of the most thought out things when planning a wedding. Remember that this day is special for the woman and looking good is a requirement.

So getting a really great designer or a good shop where you can get a beautiful gown is a top priority.

“I have loved weddings for as long as I can remember. My husband was shocked when I told him that I had planned our wedding way before I even met him or knew he existed. I had a notebook with all the details of my wedding and you won’t believe it when I tell you that we executed everything on that list.” Lucy

Men rarely never stress over most of the wedding planning as long as their suit and shoes are in check.

Men come in handy when it’s time to choose the perfect cars for that special day because no one would want to be driven to their wedding in an old or unfashionable car; not that there’s anything wrong with old cars.

Lucy, 32, has been married for two years and the memories of her wedding are still fresh. She said that she had planned her wedding way before she even met her husband.

Although they had a beautiful wedding, she says the husband didn’t think it was necessary to go overboard with the wedding.

“He kept telling me to keep things as simple as possible, but I went with my list. I remember him shaking his head when I told him I want a limousine to pick me up on the wedding day. He’s a simple man and so he didn’t think it was important to do some things,” Lucy said.

In as much as most ladies love weddings because they get to wear their best clothes and accessories, others love weddings because of other different reasons.

Maria says she loves weddings and doesn’t have a problem attending pomp and colourful event, but for her, that’s not all she fancies about weddings.

“I love weddings, I won’t lie. But I find myself mingling with the crowd, getting to meet new faces, learning about our families and what’s different about us. I love going home having learned different things about the people who attended the wedding. Let’s say it is therapeutic,” Maria narrated.

She says people go overboard wanting to have the perfect they forget to enjoy the day.

“It’s ok for women to be excited about weddings, but most of us forget to enjoy the moment. We rather concentrate on looking good and being the centre of attention,” Maria added.

Men are simple creatures who don’t get over-excited about things, well apart from when it comes to football.

Duncan is in the process of planning a wedding and he says his future wife is handling all the planning. He says his wife is so obsessed with the wedding that he doesn’t have much say.

“Our wedding is in December and my wife is up and about trying to finalise everything. She doesn’t want me to get involved because she says I’ll not do things right. I am not complaining, at least I don’t have to do the rounds with her,” Duncan said.

He added that it’s not wrong for women to love weddings but for men, it’s not that big of a deal.
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with weddings but most men are not too psyched about it. We prefer doing things a bit simpler,” Duncan adds.

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