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Weatherman:Heavy rainfall to continue across the country

Many parts of the country will continue experiencing heavy rainfall for the next two days.

Kenya Meteorological Department said the current heavy rains being experienced over several parts of the country will continue until Tuesday.

Heavy rainfall of more than 30 millimeters is expected in Western, North Western, North Eastern, South Eastern and Central regions including Nairobi area.

The weatherman has now urged Kenyans to remain vigilant saying the heavy rainfall is likely to lead to high flows in most rivers and grounds saturated with water.

The department warned that there will be flooding in some areas adding that the same could trigger landslides in low-lying areas and over hilly grounds.

Residents in all the mentioned areas have been advised to be on the lookout for floods and those living in landslide prone areas especially over the slopes of the Aberdare ranges, Mt. Kenya, Cherangany and other hilly areas over the Western region have been urged to be on high alert.

The rainfall is expected to continue for the entire October-November-December season with occasional breaks.

The continued heavyfall has killed 25 people in a landslide in West Pokot county. 13 others are still missing with scores injured.

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