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We were paid Sh56,000- Teenage brothers caught with human head

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Two brothers have been arrested after being caught with the decapitated head of a 10-year-old.

The two, who are in their teens were arrested by the Nigeria Police Force on Tuesday after being stopped along a highway.

According to Daily Post Nigeria, 19-year-old Saheed Oladimeji and 18-year-old Ayodeji Obadimeji confessed to the murder of 10-year-old Joseph Makinde.

The deceased had gone missing prior to the horrifying discovery.

Sh56,000 payment to kill

According to a police spokesman, the duo confessed to the murder during interrogation, telling police that they were paid Sh56,000 by one Sodiq Abefe to deliver a human head.

“They confessed that they lured the victim by sending him to buy a soda for them and when he brought the drinks, they held him and cut of his head with a knife.

“The victim has been identified by his parents as Joseph Makinde, aged 10. The corpse was recovered from an uncompleted building.

“Effort is being made to arrest the said Sodiq Abefe who allegedly contracted the duo to commit the heinous crime,” he said.

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