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VIDEO: Shock as Bride arrives at her wedding in a coffin as ‘own style’

A Ghana couple did the unimaginable on their wedding day when the bride decided to turn up on the venue in the most unconventional manner.

The unnamed couple chose their own wedding style which has shocked many.

In a viral video shared on Twitter, the bride is seen arriving in a coffin to her wedding contrary to the traditional entrance ways many are used to.

A man believed to be the groom is seen dancing around the coffin for a few seconds before he pulls off a black clothe used to cover the white coffin that bears his wife and goes ahead to open it.

The elated bride then arises from the coffin dancing with the crowd cheering her on.

It is safe to say that the couple was going for a completely unique wedding with a gothic touch as the bride was not dressed in a white gown as expected.

She instead had on a golden gown, grey hair and gothic makeup.

Shocked netizens had a lot to say however with a section applauding them for their uniqueness while others spoke doom on their marriage.

Watch video…

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