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VIDEO: Raila and Governor Nanok Confront Each Other in Public Spat

ODM leader Raila Odinga and Governor Josphat Nanok in Turkana County

ODM leader, Raila Odinga and Turkana Governor, Josphat Nanok, engaged in a public spat at the Turkana Cultural Festival on Friday.

Governor Nanok, who spoke first, accused Odinga of sharing the benefits of his relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta among some of his closest allies and leaving out many others.

He also confronted the former premier for being ousted as the ODM vice chair, even though he had not formally resigned from the party.

“We (ODM) tried to cross into Caanan to get the prize but the Jubilee Party was able to manoeuvre its way to get it before us. We were left behind and vowed we would keep trying.

“Somehow, we got some spoils but my concern, and that of other elected leaders in this region, is that we didn’t get any share,” he spoke confidently.

“Later I realised that the spoils were shared among Junet, Orengo, Mbadi and a little also went to Western, Nyanza and Coast reagions. Us, who were ready to face the bullet, didn’t get even a little of the share,” he went on to complain.

“If that was the reason I was ousted as the vice chair, then let it be…as Turkana leaders we must be respected!” the governor thundered.

When Raila rose to speak, he addressed the remarks made by the angry governor.

“He said he doesn’t know why he was ousted…Didn’t he admit that he had crossed over to the other side? Didn’t he claim that our well had run dry? Didn’t he state that he would draw water from the other side? Truth or false?

“He left on his own accord but if he wants to come back, the door is open. He admitted that he has left us and joined our competitors. That’s why we decided that if he was fed up, he could have a rest,” Odinga explained.

Nanok, who was viewed as a close confidant of the ODM leader, had made a surprise announcement in May, in favour Deputy President William Ruto.

He stated that all 14 governors from the Rift Valley would work together to ensure the region clinches the presidency.

“We as governors from the Rift Valley, there are 14 of us, and this time around we will walk together on one road.

“Because this time round, Kenyans are focusing on Rift Valley to lead the country. That’s our stand,” stated Nanok.

ODM subsequently ejected him from the powerful position he held in the party.

“Following numerous public pronouncements that he has quit the ODM Party, the NEC has unanimously resolved to replace Governor Josphat Nanok as the party Vice Chairperson,” the party stated.

The decision was reached unanimously by ODM Chairman, John Mbadi, Secretary General, Edwin Sifuna, Siaya Senator James Orengo as well as Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi.

Nanok was replaced by Loima MP, Jeremiah Lomorukai.


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