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VIDEO: Is Pastor Ian Ndlovu’s Prophecy Connected With Ruto Assassination Plot?

Pastor Ian Ndlovu/COURTESY

Mkarimu Media is in possession of a video of a Prominent Bulawayo based pastor of the Devine Kingdom Ministry Ian Ndlovu giving a prophecy that sound like connected with the assassination plot story going on in Kenya.

The video has surfaced social media especially WhatsApp.

In the video, the pastor is seen asking the congregation to pray for East Africa saying there is a country that God has shown him in east Africa but said he will deliberately mention more than three countries.

The pastor goes on to mention Tanzania, Kenya Uganda and Rwanda.

He said that in one of this countries there is a plot to assassination someone who is popular.

According to pastor Ndlovu,he knows the country but God cautioned him not to mention the country specifically. “If you don’t know which country am talking about, then pray for all the four countries,but if you know which country I am talking about,then pray for that country”.

The question is, which country is Pastor Ndlovu talking about? Watch the video below.

pastor Ian ndlovu’s prophecy

This comes in the wake of news an alleged meeting in LA Mada hotel whose alleged agenda was to assassinate DP Ruto something that has caught Kenyans in surprise.

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria on Tuesday said he was the one who initiated the meeting in the hotel but claims he has no idea of a meeting to plot Ruto’s assassination.

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