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VIDEO: Apostle Nganga’s Bishops Have Started Apologizing?


Apostle Ng’ang’a’s Bishops have started apologizing after a video of the angry ‘man of God’ went viral on social media.

In the video Apostle Ng’ang’a was seen threatening his Bishops for not respecting his wife.

Another video has appealed on social media with one of the Bishops sort of apologizing to Apostle Ng’ang’a and singing praises for what he has done for him. Not sure if it is an old video or new after Apostle Ng’ang’a’s threat.

“I am what I am because of you, your God has sustained me” with you I have known to walk,I have known to talk,God bless you,God bless” the Bishop kept singing us.

In the earlier viral video,Apostle James Nganga of Neno Evangelist Church threatens to chase all the Bishops in his ministry for not respecting his wife Loise Murugi Maina.

He said that he is targeting the bishops in his Church. “I swear before God if I don’t bring you down,I am not called”, “you must respect me,you must,if you don’t respect me,I promise the end,I want full respect”.

Ng’ang’a threatens his Bishops. watch video



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