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US Embassy in Kenya will not accept new Kenyan notes

File image of old-generation currency. PHOTO| COURTESY


The US Embassy in Nairobi on Tuesday advised Visa applicants to make any consulate payment using old currency.

Through a statement, the embassy said development of procedures to accept the new currency is still underway.

In a tweet, the Embassy said it is currently working on procedures to accept the new Kenyan shillings.

“Until these procedures are in place, consular applicants will only be able to pay for services using the previous Kenyan shillings. You may also continue to pay by credit card,” reads the Embassy tweet.

It also said applicants shall be notified when they can begin paying using the new currency notes.

The Kenyan government has already started rolling out the new currency notes, with the old 1000-shilling notes set to be phased out by October 1.

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