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Uproar as Canadian man displays hatred against African Immigrants

A Canadian man has been spotted expressing his hatred against African Immigrants publicly.

In a video shot at Egliton Aware in Toronto, the man is heard asking a black woman who identified herself as a Nigerian national questions she struggles to answer. At the end the man calls her ‘This Black bitch’.

“Why you Africans move to Europe, Canada, America to leave with white people?”

The lady is heard struggling to answer the question citing poor economy and corruption in Nigeria and most of African countries.

“Why can’t you manage your country and leave the good life in Nigeria?” the man asked, a question that portrayed a sense of prejudice on racial discrimination.

According to the man, Europe, Canada and America only belong to white people and Africans therefore and other races should stay away from the regions.

The lady was on streets begging for help from well wishers to help her raise funds to sustain her living. She says what she gets from the government is very little to sustain her needs.

The video went viral on social media with many social media users criticizing the Canadian national for lack of compassion.

It attracted mixed reactions especially from African forums in Canada such as the prominent ‘Things that matter’ forum.

“I condemn the man and his distorted understanding of why people run away from Africa and his love for African suffering, ” Mkarimu media quoted one of the members.

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