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Uhuru:’I will be actively involved in my 2022 succession’

President Uhuru Kenyatta is welcomed by Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga on his arrival at Nyaribo Airstrip yesterday/Standard


President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday said he will have strong influence on the 2022 polls after his retirement.

He told off those thinking his influence will fade, saying they will be in for a “rude shock”.

“They think because Uhuru is going home in 2022, he will not have a word on what will happen. I am telling them when the right time comes, I will have something to say,” the President told a rally in Nyeri town yesterday.

“Some think I have kept quiet because I am not capable of talking politics. I am still a politician. They will be shocked when that time comes, but for now I want to concentrate on delivering my pledges to Kenyans.”

The President spoke at a time when Mount Kenya leaders have been emphasising the need to have an area spokesman, who will take over from Uhuru after he retires.

“If you don’t work and continue yapping, you’ll just go home. I beat the Opposition in the last polls and that is why I invited them to work with me. They had no option,” Uhuru said.

Area leaders had claimed Uhuru was inaccessible and the region was hurt by unfair distribution of resources despite voting for his reelection overwhelmingly.

Deputy President William Ruto’s close allies were not present during the tour after the meeting, which was scheduled at 11am.

The President urged Mount Kenya politicians to keep off politics and focus on development.

He said he will give his political direction when time reaches.

Growth plan

Uhuru told residents development cannot be realised in any region when leaders are engaged in endless politics.

He told Mt Kenya leaders to come up with plans of reviving sectors which are doing poorly instead of complaining.

“Sit down and come with a plan on how you want our coffee farmers to benefit. Let’s focus on what will improve our people’s lives,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru asked leaders traversing the country seeking support of certain leaders to work first before assuming they have a huge support.

He asked leaders across the nation to unite and work with him since he is committed to serving Kenyans.
“Kenya conducted two elections in one year and people are tired of politics. What they want are services,” the Head of State said.

Uhuru said the realisation the country cannot move forward while leaders continue politicking made him have a truce with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on March 9.“I ask leaders to come together and come up with development plans. They should come up with plans and support government projects,” he said.


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