Uganda:Man sentenced to 63 years in prison for defiling three sisters

High Court in Masaka District in central Uganda has sentenced a 38-year-old man to 63 years in prison for defiling three sisters.

Justice Winfred Nabisinde on Monday convicted Samula Matovu, a resident of Kasambya village in Lwengo District for defiling three sisters on two different occasions.

Prosecution led by Ms Aminah Akasa told court that Matovu committed the offences on November 11, 2015 and October 8, 2015 respectively at Nakalembe village, Kisekka Sub County in Lwengo District.

Ms Akasa further told court that on November 11, 2015 at about 2pm, one of the victims, a six-year-old was coming from school before Matovu enticed her with a chapatti and took her to his house where he defiled her for hours.

Court heard that after waiting for the girl for several hours in vain, her worried parents decided to go to a village public address system and announce their missing daughter since it was getting dark.

“My Lord, after parents got suspicious that their daughter was lost, they quickly rushed and made an announcement on the public address system,” Ms Akasa told court.

Upon hearing the announcement, Ms Mastulah Nanyunja, a neighbour and landlady to the convict quickly responded and said she saw her tenant entering his house with the little girl who matched the descriptions of the announcer.

Ms Nanyunja who also doubles as the village chairperson told court in her testimony that she thought the little girl was Matovu’s daughter not until she heard the announcement.

The girl was examined by a clinical officer Evelyn Namuwonge who told court that by the time of examination, her hymen was ruptured and her private parts had bruises.

Prosecution also told court that Matovu had defiled other two sisters of the first victim near a village borehole on October 8, 2015.

According to Ms Akasa, Matovu found the duo at about 6pm when they had gone to fetch water, enticed them to follow him into the bush where he defiled them in turns.

Prosecution told court that after the first victim identified Matovu as her defiler, her two sisters also told their mother that the same man forced them into sex with him.

Seven witnesses were presented in court, including the three girls who pinned Matovu.

Defence led by Ms Reginah Babukiika asked court for leniency saying his client did not know that the girls were sisters.

“My Lord, the convict is still a young man who can still serve his country. We pray that he is given a lenient sentence because even the victims proved to court that the act was not so painful to them,” Ms Babukiika pleaded.

While passing her judgment, Justice Nabisinde gave Matovu 21 years in prison for each offence. He is to serve them concurrently.


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