Toronto Is Going To Get Hit With Up To 15 Cm Of Snow On Tuesday

Environment Canada is warning Toronto of heavy snow, freezing rain and strong winds on Tuesday.


Toronto’s winter weather has been a bit of a roller coaster ride this year. From snowstorms and freezing temperatures to rain and oddly warm weather, it’s hard to predict what to expect next in the city.

However, this week is going to be full of some more snowy weather as Environment Canada has issued a weather statement stating that Toronto can expect to see up to 15 cm of snow on Tuesday.

This storm is expected to hit most of Southern Ontario on Tuesday as a low-pressure system moves into Ontario in the morning. Environment Canada warns that the snow is expected to arrive on Tuesday morning and can track in 15 cm of snow and ice rain combined.


The snow is expected to change into ice pellets and freezing rain for a few hours in the afternoon before changing back into snow as the colder air arrived during the evening. The snowfall is expected to be a quick but brutal one, ending Wednesday morning.

Environment Canada also warns that there is a possibility that the freezing rain may not occur. If this is the case, then the total amount of snowfall may be even higher than originally predicted.

Strong gusts of wind are also expected during this storm on Tuesday. These easterly winds can cause the blowing of snow and cause extremely low visibility throughout the day.

Due to these conditions, drivers can expect a messy commute on both Tuesday morning and evening as the snow and ice pellets continue to fall and the wind continues to gust.


This isn’t the only storm that Toronto may be getting this week. The Weather Network states that Toronto has an 80% chance of another storm on Friday as well. This storm on Friday can bring 1-3 cm of snow throughout the GTA and 5-10 mm of rain.

So Get prepared Toronto, yet another winter storm is coming.

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