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Tob Cohen’s Head was smashed, hands broken, leg twisted Dutch Newspaper reports

By Mkarimu Media

An autopsy on the body of Tob Cohen on Wednesday showed that the Dutchman was tortured before he died.

While Government’ Chief Pathologist Oduor who presided over the exercise couldn’t comment on the matter on its conclusion, a Dutch Newspaper now reports that their national had his head smashed.

According to Algemeen Dagblad (AD) a leading Dutch publication, Tob Cohen, 69 was tortured before he was overpowered by his killers in one of the most gruesome murders of recent times.

AD reports that the scan images of the body show, among other things, that Cohen’s skull was smashed, his hands broken and his left leg twisted.

According to their sources, the scan, which was made at Kenyatta Hospital , also showed that the Dutchman had attempted to fight off his attackers.

Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Georoge Kinoti said Cohen was murdered in a horrible way on a Friday when his body was discovered inside a sceptic tank in his compound at Kitisuru in Nairobi.

“It is a gruesome murder, they took their time to kill innocent Cohen,” said Mr. Kinoti. “He was bound; legs, hands and neck before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank. They took their time.”

“These people are heartless, absolutely heartless. If it’s money or even domestic strive, can;t move anybody to move to that extent,” he added.

The detective suspects Cohen’s wife Sarah Wairimu, 52 of planning the murder.

Sarah who was present during the autopsy claims to be innocent but was arrested at the end of August based on the analysis of her telephone traffic.

That also made allegations against her alleged lover Peter. He has also been behind bars since last week.

Sarah who has insisted on her innocence is reported to have collapsed on seeing the body of her husband.

“Cohen’s widow looked at the body twice shaking her head and said she wasn’t sure it was her husband.” A source to AD.

While the situation remains unclear, both lawyers of Sarah and Cohen’s family have agreed to come to an amicable day to bury the Dutchman in Nairobi any day this week.

It emerged that the DNA materials collected from the Dutchman’s fingers and under his fingernails would provide credible leads in unmasking his killers once the analysis is completed.

The Dutch billionaire’s decomposing body was found last Friday afternoon — eight weeks after his disappearance —in an empty underground water tank at his posh Kitisuru villa. His body was wrapped in many layers of black plastic.

Cohen was reported missing from his Lower Kabete home in Nairobi between July 19 and July 20.

Source: Mkarimu Media and News Agencies

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