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Terror suspect arrested during Madaraka Day celebrations at Narok Stadium

Police in Narok are holding a terror suspect arrested while trying to access Narok Stadium, where the Madaraka Day celebrations were being held on Saturday.

Adan Galhai, Urisha Galhai, 22, lives in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Galhai wanted to enter the stadium on Friday and when searched, his National Identity Card and another ID written ‘National Security’ were recovered from him.

When questioned, he fled.

On Saturday morning, he returned to try and enter the stadium and was arrested.

The Military Police then handed him over for further investigation.

He told the officers that he had spent the night in a lodging but this was established to be a lie after he took them to the supposed location and officials denied having seen him.

The suspect converted to Islam in 2014 and has been staying in Eastleigh.

He is suspected to have connections with al Shabaab.
The Military Intelligence, the NIS and the DCI Narok North are interrogating him as they wait for ATPU personnel take over the matter.


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