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Tanzanian man chops off wife’s ears over missing phone

By Mkarimu Media

Police in Tanzania have launched manhunt for man who allegedly chopped off his wife’s ears after a disagreement over his missing phone.

A man only identified as Magori from Mesaga Village allegedly cut his wife’s ears under the pretext that she does not listen to him.

Mkami Mwitonyi, the victim who is currently receiving treatment at Nyerere Hospital in Serengeti District, said that her husband’s phone was missing and he suspected her to have hidden it.

According to an officer named Saganda Bodo from Kenyamonta Ward, the suspect caught his wife making a phone call thinking she is using his phone.

A scuffle ensued between the two which led to Magori tying his wife then proceeded to cut her two ears claiming that she is not obedient. “He tied me with a rope and cut my ears. He intended to kill me but after cutting the ears he fled,” said Mkami.

Magori allegedly told his wife to say her last prayers before slaughtering her. The victim was rushed to the hospital and a doctor, John Mbororo disclosed to local dailies that the knife used to cut her ears had a sharp edge.

The officer said that police have teamed up with village elders to pursue the suspect who is on the run. Cases of violence against women have been on the rise with efforts to combat the global pandemic intensified through campaigns against it.

According to the United Nations Women, 35 per cent of women in the world have been physically assaulted by their intimate partners.

Source: Standard

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