Tana River MCAs threaten to impeach governor Dhadho over abuse of office

A section of Tana River MCAs in Mombasa on Sunday, January 20, 2019. / ANDREW KASUKU

A section of Tana River MCAs has fired back at governor Dhadho Godhana who on Thursday accused them of mismanaging ward bursary funds.

The 23 ward reps on Sunday said the county government has been using underhand tactics to make them look bad in the eyes of their electorate.

The MCAs have now threatened to impeach Godhana over what they say was an “abuse of office and misappropriation of funds”.

“If what is happening in Tana River county will not change, then the next plan is impeachment,” Majority Leader Ibrahim Salah said.

Governor Godhana has in the recent past had a frosty relationship with the MCAs.

His recent accusation of mismanagement of bursary funds by MCAs has not gone down well with the ward reps who met in Mombasa on Sunday to assess the performance of the county executive under Godhana.

Salah said Tana River residents have not been given priority and the governor has been working in isolation.

“The county government delays to release the [ward bursary] funds in full until towards the end of the financial year,” said the MCAs.

Salah, who is the Bangale MCA, accused the governor’s Office of giving out the money to unknown individuals and without a proper legal framework under the “Push Up Programme”.

Speaking on Thursday at a public forum in Hola, Godhana said his administration has had to increase the bursary allocation towards from Sh5 million to Sh10 million in order to help needy students.

“As an administration, we have been left with nothing. We have given each ward Sh10 million. I fail to understand how we still have reports of students dropping out of school for lack of school fees,” he was quoted as saying in a section of the media.

However, on Sunday, the MCAs said his “Push Up Programme” was an abuse of office because he did not involve the assembly.

“You cannot claim to start up a program that has no legal backing,” said Kinakomba MCA Sammy Malibe after a meeting at PrideInn Paradise in Mombasa.

The MCAs further accused the governor of making a unilateral decision on the relocation of the county headquarters.

Godhana intends to have the headquarters relocated from Hola to Dakaye.

The MCAs said they have not approved the relocation plans.

“The relocation of a county headquarters is not a one-man show and currently, it is not a priority to the people of Tana River,” Malibe said.

The MCAs said they approved an Sh5.6 billion supplementary budget meant to clear all pending bills accrued over the years that have amounted to Sh1.9 billion.

“However, the county has failed to clear the bills yet the money allocated for that purpose has been spent,” Malibe, who read the resolutions of the MCAs, said.

Governor Dhadho has however maintained no money has been misappropriated and that leaders need to speak based on facts.