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Sudan’s al-Bashir admits receiving $25m from Saudi crown prince

Omar al-Bashir was formally charged with illicit possession of foreign currency and corruption [AP]


Omar al-Bashir , Sudan’s former president, has told a court that he received $25m from Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince.

The 75-year-old, who was toppled in April in the wake of mass protests against his three-decade rule, made the statement on Saturday after a judge formally charged him with illicit possession of foreign currency and corruption.

The offences could put al-Bashir behind bars for more than a decade.

Questioned in court for the first time, al-Bashir said he used the money for donations and not for his own benefit.

Sitting in a metal cage in the court in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, al-Bashir said: “My office manager … received a call from the office of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman saying he has a ‘message’ that will be sent on a private jet.

“We were told that the crown prince did not want his name to appear [linked to the transaction] … and if the funds were deposited with Sudan’s bank or the finance ministry, the source would have to be identified,” he said.

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