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Stowaway: Sky News admits ‘reporting founded on misleading information’

Two of the pictures used in the Sky News report that identified the stowaway as 29-year-old Paul Manyasi

Sky News has now come out to address reports on the highly controversial identity of a stowaway who fell from a Kenya Airways plane minutes before landing in London in June.

The British media outlet, in a now deleted investigative piece, last week identified the stowaway as 29-year-old Paul Manyasi , an employee of cleaning firm Colnet contracted by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

The reporting was on Thursday however subjected to scrutiny after the Daily Nation ran an article on Shivonje Isaac, a remandee at Kamiti Prison, whose photos were used in the piece.

VIDEO:UK media Skynews identifies a Kenyan stowaway who fell from KQ plane in London

Sky News, in a statement issued on the backdrop of the article, admitted “that our reporting was founded on misleading information.”

“This was based on corroborating interviews with people who identified as friends, relatives and colleagues of Paul Manyasi – including his father,” added the media house.

Sky News further apologized to Colnet, the cleaning firm, “for suggesting the stowaway was one of their employees” as “we no longer have conclusive evidence” that he worked there.

Sky News had said in an earlier reporting seen by Mkarimu Media that it had identified the man as 29-year-old Paul Manyasi.

The man fell from the sky, from a Kenya Airways (KQ) plane moments before it landed at London’s Heathrow Airport in June 30, 2019.

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