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State of the Nation Address:Uhuru praises athlete Kipchoge, Teacher Tabichi and innovator Roy Allela

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the state of the nation address on April 4,2019/PSCU


President Uhuru Kenyatta recognized the efforts of various stars and praised them for the glory they have brought to the nation.

Among them is athlete Eliud Kipchoge, a high school teacher Peter Tabichi and innovator Roy Allela

Uhuru said the nation is proud of these men for making Kenya shine internationally.

“Our men and women in various disciplines keep the flag of Kenya flying high at international events, bringing glory to our Nation,” the President said during the state of the Nation address on April 4, 2019.

He praised the marathon runner and praised him for his efforts for bringing glory to the nation.

“The Nation Salutes Eliud Kipchoge and his compatriots, who have continued to make our national anthem, echo around capitals of the World, ” Uhuru said.

“We are proud of Peter Tabichi, who was recently voted the Best Teacher in the World; he has demonstrated our aspiration and potential to deliver world-class education standards, ” the President added referring to Peter Tabichi, a high school teacher at Keriko mixed Day Secondary school in Nakuru county.

On innovation the head of state said:

“Our entrepreneurs and business leaders are driving forward our economy, which, I am proud to say, remains one of the largest and most vibrant on the continent. Leading the string of innovators is Roy Allela who garnered global accolades for inventing smart gloves that convert sign language movement into audio speech.”

Who are these three men?

Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge

Kipchoge is Kenyan long-distance runner who competes in the marathon and formerly 5000 metres race.

He won the Olympic marathon in 2016 and is the current marathon world record holder with a time of 2 hours 1 minute 39 seconds.

Kipchoge’s world record run at the 2018 Berlin Marathon broke the previous record by 1 minute, 18 seconds, the greatest improvement since 1967.

Peter Tabichi

Peter Tabichi receives best teacher global award during the celebrations in Dubai.

Peter Tabichi is a Physics/Maths teacher at Keriko Mixed Day Secondary School, Nakuru County.

He recently made headlines when he was named winner of the $1mn (Sh100 million) Global Teacher Prize 2019 making him the best teacher in the world.

He gives 80 per cent of his teaching salary to local community projects, including education, sustainable agriculture and peace-building. This made him unique and very different from other competitors.

He has changed the lives of his students in many ways, including the introduction of science clubs and the promotion of peace between different ethnic groups and religions,” it added.

Roy Allela

Roy Allela

Roy Allela is Software engineer and Intel programme manager, the founder and lead engineer for Sign-IO, a glove that translates sign language to speech.

The aim is to assist individuals with a speech impairment (deaf or mute) to communicate with the general public

The Sign-IO app, which vocalises words signed by the person wearing the gloves TWITTER BRETT ELOFF/ROYAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING

Creating a connection with his deaf niece motivated 25-year-old Kenyan innovator Roy Allela to invent a set of smart gloves, named Sign-IO, which converts sign language movements into audio speech in real time.

Allela invented Sign-IO as a way for himself and others who cannot sign to communicate with the deaf – in Allela’s case, with his deaf niece.

The glove recognises various signed letters and transmits this data to an Android application, where it is then vocalised.

The gloves are a monumental step in bridging the language barrier between the hearing and the speech and hearing impaired. More than 30 million people around the globe have speech impairments and rely on sign language.

“My niece wears the gloves, pairs them with her phone or mine, then starts signing. I’m able to understand what she’s saying,” Allela was quoted as saying.

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