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Singapore relaunches world’s longest flight

Starting October 11, 2018, passengers on Singapore Airlines’ newest plane, the Airbus A350-900 ULR, for Ultra Long-Range will travel on a record-breaking, globe-spanning flight from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey.

The relaunching of the service comes five years after it withdrew because it had become too expensive.

SIA launched the first non-stop route between Changi and Newark in 2004, but by 2013 the carrier was forced to cancel it. The A340-500 it was using at the time used a lot of fuel and eventually the route became too expensive to run.

The new route between from Singapore to Newark a distance of more than 15,000km is scheduled to take just under 19 hours.

The longest non-stop flight available at the moment is Qatar’s 17.5-hour Auckland to Doha route.

It is closely followed by Qantas’ 17-hour non-stop flight between Perth and London, which was launched earlier this year .

SIA said the non-stop services will help cut travelling times compared with flights which have a stopover.

SIA’s new planes will seat 161, including 67 business passengers and 94 premium economy passengers.

The A350-900 ULR (ultra-long-range) that will fly on Thursday from Singapore to Newark belongs to Airbus’ family of long-range, twin-engine aircraft.

The planes have been designed to replace Boeing’s older 777 series and use between 20% and 30% less fuel than the 777s did – which is a good thing amid rising oil prices.

Several carriers already use the newer A350-900s on their long-haul routes. They have higher ceilings, larger windows and lighting designed to reduce jetlag – all good things for busy business travellers.