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Seefar apartment in Nyayo Highrise on spot for demolution

Seefar Apartment in Nyayo Highrise, Nairobi/COURTESY

The tenants of Seefar Apartment in Nyayo Highrise, Nairobi, have 13 days to vacate the premises after issuance of notice of devolution on Friday.

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) through Water Resource Authority (WRA) issued a notice of demolition to the owner of Seefar apartment (12-story building with 260 houses) Edermann  Property.

According to the notice the building sits on Nairobi Dam’s riparian reserve.

“The building has encroached into Nairobi dam embankment; a permanent structure is built on the city dam reserve,” NEMA said on Friday.

They added: “This is contrary to provision of EMCA CAP 387, part 111 section 137 which states that it is an offence for any person who fails to comply with a lawful order or requirement made by an Environmental Inspector in accordance with this act or regulations made there under.”

NEMA directed the management of Edermann Property to present themselves to the office of the Deputy Director of Enforcement (DDE) at the NEMA headquarters on October 15, 2018.

“Within 14 days from the date of this order, demolish the permanent structure. Failure to this, the building will be demolished without further reference to you,” read part of the order.

This could mark the return of the indiscriminate demolitions of structures believed to have been erected illegally.

Thousands of buildings, owned by powerful individuals have been targeted in the demolition exercise that kicked two months ago.

Major structures that have been recently demolished include TAJ Mall. South End Mall and Ukay Mall.

A file photo of Airgate Mall formerly Taj Mall that was demolished on September 15, 2018./FILE

According to NEMA’S Julius Wanjau, since July 2018, half of the structures in Nairobi built on riparian land have been demolished.

He maintains 2000 others that are yet to be brought down, have for long been earmarked for demolition by various agencies.

The building owners have since been served with demolition notices.