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Samsung launches QLED 8K TV in Kenya

Samsung has introduced 8K QLED Televisions in the Kenyan market.

8K QLED TV is a more superior type of QLED with unrivalled picture quality with a greater sense of realism and depth.

Further, the company announced that its 2019 QLED 8K TV line is now available at selected stores in Nairobi.

Powered by Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Processor, the 2019 QLED TV line-up features more screen size options, stunning picture quality enhancements, dazzling colours from every angle, exciting new design elements and intuitive smart TV upgrades.

“We are pleased to introduce QLED 8K TVs to consumers in Kenya. 8K is a much more superior type of QLED TV. True 8K resolution will plunge our customers into the detail of every scene with 4 times the resolution of 4K. At Samsung, we are committed to continuous innovation in order to deliver unparalleled at-home viewing experience,” said Samuel Odhiambo Manager, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics.

Its cutting-edge AI technologies can instantly upscale any 4K or lower resolution content, therefore consumers need not worry that there is not enough 8K content available.

QLED 8K offers a much more realistic, three-dimensional visual experience with a deeper perspective. It presents the objects in pictures and maximizes the distance between them to create a look of real depth. In terms of resolution, QLED 8K TVs are very powerful with every frame offering 33million pixels.

“With Artificial Intelligence, discover details you didn’t know existed and relive moments in newfound clarity and depth,” added Mr. Odhiambo
Samsung first launched QLED globally in 2017.

The 2019 QLED line is designed for users who want the best combination of picture quality, smart TV capabilities and design.


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