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Round Two Huduma Namba Registration in Toronto

By Mkarimu Media

A notice to the Kenyan- Torontonians has been issued on Round Two of the controversial Huduma Namba registration.

The new dates are June 15 and  June 16 2019 at 41 Lesmil Ave North York.

Those who were attended on Sunday 26 May including Mkarimu Media staff reported mixed experiences with public angered by lack of order to streamline smooth flow of registration.

Mkarimu Media has established some leaked information regarding the cause of chaotic registration on the first few days of Huduma Namba registration in Toronto last week.

Reports from a Kenyan who chose anonymity who attended Saturday May 25th 2019 registration was quick to warn for possible corrupt members.

“Iko corruption pia, ungeingia na hawaulizi namba, Mtu angeenda na namba akimaliza anakuja na namba anampa mtu mwingine nyinyi mkingoja tu hapo nje”, loosely translated ” There is corruption also because you can enter and not asked the number.  When  another person comes you can give same number  and he uses the number while you still wait outside.

The quoted citizen warned those who will be attending round two registration to respect order and rights for others.

Echoing sentiments by one of the frustrated member of Kenyan community in Canada, he complained how we are hard to adapt and follow instructions even having lived here so long. Some individuals are still practicing corrupt mindsets. The exercise take 3-5 minutes but disorderly and queue jumps can lead to five hours of Waiting.

Those who attended the process of Saturday thanked few Kenyans who took control of this imported corrupt practices.

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