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Rape’ medic Mugo wa Wairimu in fresh rape, abortion exposé

NTV aired an expose of the rot in Mr Mugo wa Wairimu’s clinic in Kayole, Nairobi.

James Mugo Ndichu alias Dr Mugo wa Wairimu. PHOTOS | COURTESY


A man who was charged three years ago with various offences linked to operating an illegal clinic and alleged rape of patients is a wanted man, again.

Instead of ending the practices that almost got him jailed, Mr James Mugo Ndichu alias Mugo wa Wairimu only moved his operations from Githurai 44 to Kayole, Eastlands.

It is in Kayole that his questionable medical practices have been exposed and now the Nairobi Flying Squad boss Musa Yego say they are hunting for him to answer to allegations raised against him, that he has been operating illegal abortion clinics.

“We are looking for Mr Wairimu and we ask him to present himself to the police for questioning,” Mr Yego told the Nation.

The move comes just a day after NTV exposed the rot in Mr Mugo’s clinic in Kayole, Nairobi.

The exposé by investigative journalist Denis Okari, shows how the rogue doctor runs a clinic without following any medical regulations.

From conducting abortions, consuming alcohol inside the clinic as he attends to patients, the exposé drew ire from Kenyans on social media who called for his immediate arrest.

So rogue is Mr Wairimu that he extorts Sh23,000 from a woman whose daughter had just procured an abortion in the pretext that she was receiving treatment for an upset stomach.

In a rather shocking scene as the expose nears the end, Mr Wairimu conducts an interview for a new staff as a patient wails in the same room. Then Mr Wairium tells the interviewee to remove a stuck swollen swab from the patient’s body.

In another scene, Mr Wairimu is seen giving a diagnosis seemingly drunk and then proceeds to demand Sh800 for drugs that cost only Sh40.

Mr Wairimu, who is an active Facebook user, has in the past dismissed reports that he is a quack.


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