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‘Raila will be President, Uhuru Prime Minister in 2022’ says MP

ODM leader Raila Odinga (right) and Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati (left) in a past event./Courtesy

The Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati has claimed that the proposed Constitutional changes is set to make President Uhuru Kenyatta Prime Minister when he leaves State house at the expiry of his two terms.

“Kenyans should prepare for the new power line up, Raila would be President in 2022 with President Uhuru serving as his Prime Minister. Those who are opposed to this should start getting used to it early enough,” an ODM MP who is a close ally of Raila Odinga said on Sunday.

The MP said that if Raila became the country’s President and Uhuru the Prime Minister they would be at a better position of setting a good foundation for the country to reach greater heights in development.

“Let it be known that we are going to have the next general election under a new constitution to ensure that the major key players in the country’s politics are accommodated in order to end the winner takes it all syndrome,” said Arati.

He said that he was very certain that Raila and Uhuru would be part of the next government and that those who are against this idea should know that the are there to stay since the two enjoy the support of majority of Kenyans.

Arati who supports the referendum push said the 2010 constitution was not static and was subject to changes and amendments are needed before 2022 general election.

The lawmaker said Kenyans wanted progressive leadership as it has been displayed through the March handshake between Uhuru and Raila which has managed to bring down political temperatures in the country.

He added that since Raila and Uhuru stopped fighting each other Kenyans have started looking at issues in an objective manner.

Unlike in the past when Uhuru was concerned about securing a second Presidential term, at the moment he does not have that fear and that is why he is ready to serve all Kenyans equally.

According to Arati President Uhuru is implementing what Raila has been agitating for very many years which shows that he has embraced the ODM leader’s vision for a great Kenya among nations in the African continent.

Mr Arati did not state the source of his information, only saying that he was privy to the arrangements as an insider of the ODM Party.

Mr Arati’s claims comes barely a week after President Kenyatta said his recent handshake with Raila had no political pact but an agreement to unite all Kenyans under the building bridges initiative.

The President however, said that his new found relationship with Raila ran deeper than many Kenyans thought and it was intended to ensure that no Kenyan suffers due to the interests of politicians..