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Raila Responds To Claims Of Being A Witchdoctor

From left:John Mbadi, Raila Odinga, Okoth Obado and Junnet Mohammed dancing on a podium at Nyatike, Migori/COURTESY

ODM Chief Raila Odinga has asked his critics to stop using derogatory remarks against him.

Speaking in Nyatike, Migori County, on Friday, Odinga said he is not a witchdoctor and has never been one.

He added that calling him names will not help his political rivals in any way and urged politicians to avoid abusive language.

“I am not a witchdoctor and I have never been one. Whether you abuse Raila using derogatory words or not, it will add no value to your political discourse,” he remarked.

Adding: “Witch doctors are there in society. No one has been denied the chance to visit them. What is the farce about it?”

The ODM leader was responding to critics who have been referring to him as yule mganga (that witchdoctor) during rallies.

“I am not a witchdoctor and I have never been one.”-Raila.

He also had words for those against his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta saying they would not relent in the fight against corruption.

“We are not going back in the fight on corruption and no weapon or hurdle placed on our path will stop us.
“When God is with us who can be against us? We will deal with corruption without fear or favour. We will not be cowed,” he remarked.


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