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Police raise alarm over rise in theft cases in Referral Hospital

Patients wait to be attended to at Nyeri County Referral Hospital/FILE


Police have raised an alarm over a gang allegedly responsible for robbing patients in Nyeri County Referral Hospital.

The continued theft reports from the hospital administration and the locals have prompted police to widen their net in an ongoing operation against crime in Nyeri town.

The robbery was detected by a police-owned surveillance cameras, with which the police identified a suspect who was arrested last week with five others that are on manhunt.

According to police, the gang ambushed the victim at the outpatient section of the largest health facility in Central region and robbed her of a laptop, phone and money.

Police said the suspect will help identify the remaining gang members believed to have been involved in other theft cases at the facility.

“We’re following the other five suspects and everyone else involved. The detained detainee will be brought to justice, “said the police chief Ali Nuno responsible for the operation.

The surveillance shows that more cases are being detected although they were not officially reported to the police.

On December 2018 a patient who sought anonymity told Mkarimu Media that he was robbed of a phone and his wallet that had his national identification card, ATM and some cash.

He reported the case to hospital administration and thereafter to the police but said nothing was done.

Mkarimu Media could not reach the police at the moment to verify the claims.

Mkarimu Media’s CEO Nelson Ndereva on August 2018 became the victim of the same when his wife’s sister was robbed of her phone while at the same facility.

Joyce Nyawira was robbed when she was admitted at Nyeri Referral Hospital.

The suspect used the same phone to post explicit videos and selfie of herself.

The case was reported to the police however the police said they could not identity the suspect.

“It seems that even the sick in Nyeri are not sure. This is a very serious matter that we need to tackle immediately, ” said Nuno.

Baby stolen

Investigators also started investigating the theft of babies in the hospital after a woman was arrested and an allegedly stolen baby was rescued last week, and she was arrested in Naromoru.

The woman took the baby from the birth mother a few days ago at the same facility.

A surveillance scan showed the woman with the baby leaving the facility on her back next to her birth mother.

Detectives believe she deceives the mother had her carry her baby out of the maternity wing after discharge.

Later, the woman disappeared and prompted the family to report the matter to the authorities.

Detectives launched a search for the woman by tracking down her cell phone, which indicated at the time that she was traveling towards Nairobi.

Later it was discovered that the woman had left the phone in a vehicle in Nairobi, which was seen as a deliberate attempt to throw the police off track.

The police later

The decoy was later salvaged by the police who tracked it down. The husband of the wife.

“We ambushed the woman and she agreed to meet her husband with the baby. At that time, we arrested her, “a source said in the case.

She also claimed that the same woman had previously stolen another baby, who later died under her care.

The case is pending in court with similar cases being investigated in the healthcare facility.

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