Instructions for Submitting Music to Mkarimu Radio

We welcome artists, composers, and rights holders who are interested in having their music played on Mkarimu Radio to submit their samples or full tracks for consideration. Please follow the detailed instructions below to ensure your submission is processed efficiently:

Submission Email Addresses:

Submission Guidelines:

  • Format: Please submit your music in MP3 format for easier processing.
  • Include Information: Along with your music file, include the following details:
    • Artist Name
    • Track Title
    • Brief Artist Bio
    • Contact Information (Email, Phone Number)

Disclaimer: Submitting your music to Mkarimu Radio does not guarantee that it will be played on air. Our team reviews each submission carefully and selects tracks based on various factors including quality, genre fit, and audience appeal.

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Thank you for your interest in Mkarimu Radio. We look forward to listening to your music and appreciate your support!

Note: By submitting your music to Mkarimu Radio, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the submission guidelines and disclaimer provided above.