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PHOTOS:Overview Diaspora Huduma Namba registration in Toronto 

By Mkarimu Media

Mkarimu Media’s Canadian correspondent compiled an overview of the ongoing Diaspora Huduma Namba registration process in Toronto, Canada.

This is the situation.

A spectacle on day three of Huduma Number registration in Toronto with mixed dramatic scenes.

The exercise featured long waiting hours for a service that lasted three to five minutes starting at the chief immigration desk.

Frustration continues to consume Kenyans who were eager to get registered for the vital number.

On arrival at the premise, Mkarimu Media was quick to notice the large crowd of anxious Kenyans standing outside 41 Lesmil Ave Noth York Ontario.

The main entrance to the building stayed closed with few people walking out, only a few names would be called in sequence .

The procedure to get this service was long starting with willing volunteers taking turns to control the flow by door with an exercise book logging people as they arrive.

Kenyans complained poor leadership and organisational skills as culprit resulting to very unproductive process.

There was a confusion at first as those who were not served on Saturday were promised to be given priority on Sunday but when they arrived there was a new register with new fresh names.

One person felt embarrassed as angered attempted to jump the line storming through the crowd demanding his rights to be served.

Views from one Kenyans  blamed our lack of civil adaptation, one man was heard expressing his dissatisfaction with the exercise.

Others complained that Kenyan government lack behind in offering services citing the diaspora is where quality service should prevail.

“In this society we don’t expect people storming into the volunteers. There is some behavior that we should not dwell,” he said.

“There should be a committee in  place to make the smooth plow if people and sorting thing  out . There should be moral. Let us learn to follow instructions,” he added.


Volunteers took turns to control the main entrance holding disorganized entry into the main lobby where visibly short ark of twelve chairs snaked around the corner of the lobby.  Those volunteers were members who did not want their tagged positions to be messed up as the  three staff from Kenya High Commission weren’t  a match for the crowd that turd out.

Outside, curious Kenyans were seen sitting and resting for long hours of waiting to get registered.

Apparently the exercise was supposed to wrap up by one o’clock but at 12.00 there were 230 people tagged and only 30 had been served. A registration officer at the premise said it takes long to register children and since parents who have children were among the early arrivals.

There were rumors that finger prints scanner failed to capture delaying the process.

People were allowed in through the main door in bunches of ten in a span of one hour.

Immigration Attache John Cheruiyot speaks

At 12.05  Immigration  Attache John Cheruiyot emerged to speak with the waiting citizens.

He thanked them for their cooperation and self policing on Sunday compared to the previous days.

When asked for comment on the situation by Mkarimu Media, Mr. Cheruiyot said that he has communicated with the High Commissioner on the situation and the large number in Toronto area.

He said the commissioner has promised to set new dates in two weeks time for registration.

Inside registration office

Inside the registration office, there were three waiting bays. At the main level twelve chairs curved the section with one volunteer who would signal to those by main entrance  to usher more in according to how many chairs have become vacant.

At the upper level the same was practiced. At upstairs upper lever another set of ten chairs lined outside a makeshift office. The final stage was a seven seat waiting section facing the immigration staffing.

The service inside did not seem different from any Kenyan hospitals, banking or government offices.

It took Mkarimu Media staff less than 3 minutes but the queuing is eight hours waiting.

Some kenyans travelled from Hamilton (76 km), Waterloo( 130 km) Niagara falls(127 km) Toronto.

Some arrived as early at 6.30 am and by 2.pm they were still not served.

Full reporting by Mkarimu Media.

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