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Pastor among 10 injured as worshippers fight at church in Kirinyaga

Police at at Ngucui AIPCA church in Mwea Constituency, Kirinyaga County where worshippers clashed over leadership. PHOTO| JOHNSON MUREITHI| CITIZEN DIGITAL


Ten worshippers including a pastor were injured on Sunday after two rival groups clashed at Ngucui AIPCA church in Mwea Constituency, Kirinyaga County over leadership wrangles.

The groups descended on one another with kicks and blows before the area chief and police officers arrived at the scene and contained the situation.

Trouble reportedly began when one group led by Archdeacon John Kamau and the other by Archdeacon Naftali Mwangi met at the church and disagreed over who should lead the Sunday service.

A bitter exchange of words ensued before the situation degenerated into a physical confrontation that saw the worshippers attack one another with some hurling stones at their rivals.

Archdeacon Kamau suffered head injuries after he was repeatedly struck with a shephered staff.

He accused his colleague, Archdeacon Mwangi, of attacking him as he tried to push him out of the church. The latter, however denied the accusations.

The group led by Arhcdeacon Mwangi is supporting Bishop Julius Njoroge while Kamau’s group is supporting Fredrick Wang’ombe.

The administrator said the church would remain closed until the groups resolve the wrangles that have caused serious divisions at the worship place.