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How hackers steal your money from hapless banks

A young man walks into a bank, opens an account, obtains a Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card for only Sh500. Minutes later, he sells all those banking credentials for a few thousands to a fraudster. In another bank, a hacker has identified people in the IT department of a financial institution, used them to install…

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Ruto’s pilot Magonga and 4 Americans die in Turkana crash

Deputy President William Ruto’s pilot, Captain Mario Magonga, has died in a chopper crash in Turkana County. Police on Monday said Captain Magonga died with all the four Americans he was flying after their helicopter came down at Lobolo in Central Island National Park at 8pm. The chopper belongs to Deputy President William Ruto. Earlier…

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Canada and US:A Blast of Snow and Bitter Cold Across the US

  A punishing winter that has already produced record snowfalls and crippling temperatures in many areas sent another wave of severe weather blasting across Canada and US over the weekend Fresh snow buried cars and snarled travel from Denver to St. Louis in the US and behind the snow came a mass of air so…

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MP asks Ruto to record statement with DCI on dams scandal

Tiaty Member of Parliament William Kamket wants Deputy President William Ruto to refrain from publicly speaking about the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal and instead record a statement with the police on the matter. Speaking on Sunday at Akwichatis area in Tiaty Sub-County, Kamket said public statements being made about the dams project could be…

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Canada:Customers flag bottled water smelling of ‘old socks’ and ‘urine,’ but CFIA says it poses no health risk

  According to CFIA inspection reports obtained by CBC News, Safeway, Loblaws, Dasani and a host of smaller firms sold stinky water. Fresh water plastic bottles are arranged in a refrigerator. Internal documents from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency from 2014 to 2018 show 24 complaints over water quality, mostly related to bad smells, and…

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Donald Trump launches furious attack on Robert Mueller

US President Donald Trump has launched a furious attack on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and on his critics at a conservative summit. In the longest speech of his presidency, Mr Trump railed against the inquiry into alleged collusion between his campaign and Russia. “We’re waiting for a report by people who weren’t elected,” he told…

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