Omatata wants Supreme Court to shelve ruling on gender rule

Activist Okiya Omtatah wants the Supreme Court to review its decision that has placed an obligation on Parliament to enact the two-thirds gender rule .

Activists Okiya Omtatah and Wycliffe Gisebe have filed an application at the Supreme Court asking it to revoke a decision that made the two-thirds gender rule a constitutional imperative.

They argue that there are no benefits in raising the membership figure of the national legislative bodies.

“The current clamour to apply the so-called gender rule is unreasonable for being detached from reality, and for being totally immune to rational argument,” the two say.

They want the court to vacate its early advisory rendered in 2012 that required the two Houses to put in place laws to ensure no gender had more than two-thirds in either house.

In the second case, a petition has been filed before Chief Justice David Maraga to have the Parliament dissolved for failing to enact the rule.

Justice John Mativo last year gave lawmakers 60 days to debate and pass the law.

“Therefore, your humble petitioners pray the honourable Chief Justice to advise the President to dissolve Parliament until it is in conformity with Constitution and is well constituted,” the petition on Thursday read.

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