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ODM MPs endorse Raila-Gideon pact for presidency

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi ended his two-day tour of Homa Bay on a high note yesterday with ODM leaders pledging to support his political plans.

Succession politics dominated the Gideon’s Homa Bay tour with strong hints of Raila Odinga-Gideon Moi presidential ticket being floated by area .

The leaders told Gideon to start marketing himself in Nyanza ahead of the 2022 elections saying he had passed the credibility and leadership tests.

Gideon, KANU chairman however warned politicians against engaging in early campaigns for the Presidency.

“I pity some leaders, those who are already dancing themselves lame yet music has not started. The DJ is still testing the tunes. Waende pole pole. (Let them take it easy),” he said.

Gideon received a warm welcome when he arrived in the county. On Friday, he conducted a funds drive at Wikondiek SDA church in Karachuonyo.

On Saturday he was at the Homa Bay Tourist Hotel where he led hundreds of KANU and ODM leaders at a funds drive for women traders. The event was organised by the Woman Representative Gladys Wanga.

Gideon Moi joins a local dance/COURTESY

It was during the two functions that ODM leaders who accompanied Gideon urged him to work with Opposition leader Raila Odinga if he wants to become President.

Homa Bay senator Moses Kajwang’ dropped the bombshell on Saturday  when he said President Uhuru Kenyatta should hand over to leaders who have invested in values and not raw accumulation of wealth.

He said the pair – Raila and Gideon – had proved that they possessed the most ideal leadership qualities from the pack of those who have offered to lead the country.

“When we talk about Raila or Gideon taking over power it is not about dynasties but capability. Gideon is so humble it is hard to imagine he is son to a former President. He has won many hearts,” said Kajwang’. “I pray that he (Uhuru) hands over power to Raila and Gideon,” he added.

The other MPs present were Adipo Okuome (Karachuonyo), Ongondo Were (Kasipul), Anthony Oluoch (Mathare) and Lilian Gogo (Rangwe).

“We want Gideon to work together with Mr Odinga and take this country forward. We are humbled with his humility. He has all the qualities of a good leader,” said Wanga.“We have looked at Gideon and seen him as someone who can champion development in this country. We are telling him to start working with Raila for the future of this country.”

Ms Wanga criticised a politician she did not name of plunging the country into early early campaigns.
“I hope you know this man I am talking about. He is already dancing before the main dance. Will he not get tired?” she said.

Mr Were said: “Gideon is humble. He is not corrupt. He has not abused anybody. Yeye ni mweupe kama pamba (He is as white as a cotton wool).”

Dr Gogo said residents of Homa Bay are ready to support Gideon in his political plans.

“I want to tell Gideon that he is on the right side of history. If he works with Raila, all Kenyans will board that bus. Once he shakes hands with Baba, everything will be easy,” said Gogo.

However, Mr Oluoch would electrify the meeting when he said the ODM fraternity is closely monitoring Gideon’s political moves.

“I am keenly watching him. Everybody in ODM and in Nyanza is watching him,” said Oluoch.

He added: “We are only waiting for a signal from Raila because he is always right. If he says right, we will turn right, if he says left we all turn left.”

Gideon said he was overjoyed with the good reception he had received and that he was surprised Kanu still had many followers in Homa Bay.

“I didn’t want to talk about 2022 politics. Only God knows what will happen,” said Gideon.

Gideon faulted those issuing ultimatums ahead of the proposed constitutional referendum. He said the question of the referendum was a forgone conclusion.

“We have agreed that there should be a referendum and there should be no conditions tied to this,” he said.

He said he did not fear the referendum even if it scraped the Senate where he is serving “because I will know where to go to.” Kajwang’ agreed with Gideon that Kenya is ripe for a referendum and said issues on devolution and governance should be top questions in the referendum. “Counties are suffering.

The referendum should help them address issues on funding,” said Kajwang’.

Gideon also supported the political pact created by the handshake between President Kenyatta and Raila. “The handshake between President Kenyatta and Raila has brought unity and cohesiveness. I want to congratulate them for standing firm on the handshake,” said Gideon. He said the political peace currently prevailing in the country was good for development.

“The fruits of the handshake have been seen. It is part of why I am here today. It has given leaders the freedom to travel to every part of the country without fear,” he added.

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