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NASA UK Chapter calls to support activist Okiya Omtatah

Activist Okiya Omtatahp

National Super Alliance the UK Chapter has lauded the exploits of activist Okiya Omtatah in standing up with Kenyans in their hour of need

They say Omtatah has always been in front line in matters of national interest and always made steps to fill a void caused by political realignments in the country.

“The country is in dire need of conscientious people who will take it upon themselves to defend public interest. He not only needs our moral support, he needs resource support,” said its chairman Kivindyo Ndivo.

He revealed that the NASA UK chapter is supporting Omtatah and had already made a modest contribution in support of his public interest litigation exploits. He called on other organizations to do likewise.

“It is all about a better Kenya, a Kenya in which we can all be proud. If public interest advocacy is left purely to politicians Kenyans will be in for a rude shock,” Vice Chair George Osore said.

They say they are determined to stand with fellow Kenyans to liberate the country from the yoke of bad governance, punitive policies and myopic political leadership.

Omtatah has filed numerous public interest cases and has transformed himself into the run-to-person for Kenyan public.