Murathe insists DP Ruto should not vie for Presidency in 2022, threatens to go to the Supreme Court

Jubilee’s David Murathe at the burial of Jubilee Party Secretary Raphael Tuju’s bother Kefa Oduor Tuju at Ralingo village in Rarieda constituency on Saturday. Photo/COURTESY

Jubilee party Vice Chairperson David Murathe has reiterated that Deputy President William Ruto should not contest for the Presidency in 2022 and threatened to head to the Supreme Court .

A tough talking Murathe warned that they are no longer taking it as a laughing matter and threatened that he would head to the Supreme court should the DP fail to retire in 2022.

Addressing mourners in Rarieda during the burial of Raphael Tuju’s brother, Murathe maintained that Ruto should retire with President Kenyatta in 2022.

According to Murathe there is no way that someone who has been a Deputy President for two terms would still want to become president of this country.

“In effect, if he automatically becomes president without going for the mandate from the mwananchi (citizen) then that is why 148 says you cannot run again. Na nitaenda mpaka Supreme Court. Sisi hatucheki na watu,” Murathe said.

Chapter 9 (148) (6) of the Constitution states that the term of office of the Deputy President shall run from the date of the swearing in of the Deputy President, and shall end–
(a) when the person next elected President at an election under Article 136 (2)(a) is sworn in;
(b) on the Deputy President assuming the office of President.

Mutlrathe argues that the presidency involves two people which means the two cannot run for either of the two posts after the completion of their two terms.

“If the President is not here, then who is President?
Si ni deputy?” he posed.

On 26 Dec 2018, Murathe caused jitters within the Jubilee party after he stated that the party did not have an agreement with DP Ruto in regard to his 2022 ambitions.

His sentiments were shared with Party Secretary GeneraL Raphael Tuju, with Kikuyu elders throwing their weight behind the remarks.

Veteran politician Maina Kamanda defended Murathe, insisting that his comments represents the view of many within Jubilee party as a team of Jubilee legislators allied to DP Ruto embarked on an onslaught against Murathe.

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