Moi mourns eldest son in emotional tribute-No sons should burry their fathers

Retired president Daniel Moi

Former President Daniel Arap Moi mourned his eldest son Jonathan Moi, 64 in an emotional eulogy.

In a speech read by Baringo Senator Gideon at Kabarak University grounds in Rongai, Nakuru,
Moi described Jonathan as a caring and dedicated son who was enthusiastic in many ways.

Here is full speech

Friends and family, thank you for sharing this day with us as we celebrate the life of Jonathan Toroitich Moi.

I stand before you today, not as your former President but as a father who grieves the loss of his son.

To many, he was Jonathan, to others JT, to others simply a rally driver, to others mheshimiwa but to me, he was always ‘my son’.

Today, I just want to say a few words as a way of honouring my son and as an offering to God of our continued trust in His loving, kindness and faithfulness.

I have lived a full life and only sadness is that my beloved son did not. No father should bury their child.

However, I am honoured that God chose me to be Jonathan’s father.

Jonathan from an early age was a man of the earth and it came as no surprise that later in life his two greatest passions were rallying and farming.

I would like to think his passion for farming came from me. But as for rallying, I have no idea!

Jonathan was a gentle soul. He was a pure heart and had great sensitivity for the world around him. His down to earth manner had a way with people that made them feel comfortable around him and infected others to gravitate toward him. Kind, uncomplicated and without affectation.

However, the greatest joy any parent can experience is knowing that their child has accepted Christ into their life. It took Jonathan time but many like many of his greatest rally victories, he pulled it off at the last minute and gave his life to Christ.

Joy of joys! This is the main comfort that I have at this time, knowing that he was at peace with his Maker and was received to the heavenly kingdom as a good and faithful servant.

I can picture our heavenly father rushing to greet and hug his returning prodigal son, with Jonathan’s late mother, Lena, dancing with joy.

Like the loving father of the parable, let us celebrate. Jonathan is now with his mother, many relatives and friends. We will bring “the best robe and put in him”.

We will clothe you, dear son, with our prayer. We will care for those you have left behind; we will remember those cheerful moments you spent with us…

Fathers should be buried by their children, and not the other way around. A son should never be buried by his father. But Jonathan’s departure is God’s will.

God is reminding us that this life is passing, times goes by quickly, and the things of this world can never satisfy the greatness of the human soul, a soul that is called to love the Father above all things…a soul destined for eternity.

Each child is a very special chapter in a father’s book. Jonathan, today you closed your chapter. I feel you close to my heart and yet so far from outside. You have gone ahead. You were always in a hurry, rally-driving, competing, driving fast…and you loved speed. Now you have reached heaven before us. One day we will also go to keep you company.

Dear son, I sincerely thank God for giving me a son like you. You were not perfect, and you made mistakes…but you were blood of my blood, and you had a great loving heart.

As his father, I hand my beloved son to his heavenly Father who loves him more dearly than we will ever know.

Stay well son until we meet again!

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