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Migori man commits suicide after inherited wife ‘sleeps outside

A man from a village in Migori county committed suicide on Monday after a widow he inherited slept outside the homestead.

The man’s body was found dangling from a rafter in the sitting room.

“We quarrelled on Saturday and he said he would kill me. On Sunday when he came home, I chose to sleep elsewhere as he has a nasty temper,” the widow said.

“When I arrived at my homestead, I found people milling around. He had committed suicide,” she said.

The woman said she had only known the man for seven months, during which time he had threatened to kill her on several occasions.

OCS Thomas Ongaga said the woman had reported the death threats.

“On Saturday, the couple were at Obama centre together. Officers thought they had made up,” he said.

Nyumba Kumi elder Paul Mboya said the man was a stranger in the village and had only lived with the woman for three months.

“We think he hails from Western. We are still establishing his home area,” he said.

The body was taken to the Migori Level Four Hospital mortuary.