Meet Inayat Kassam a man who risks his life to save lives

Meet Inayat Kassam a man who risks his life to save lives-He rescued victims during the Westgate attack and here swings to action in 14Riverside Drive attack

Inayat Kassam rescues a woman from 14 Riverside Drive on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. /COURTESY

Inayat Kassam who previously responded to the Westgate terror attack back in 2013, helping evacuate victims has captured media attention.

He was spotted at 14 riverside Drive on Tuesday when the suspected terror attack happened.

With gun in hand and no bullet-proof jacket, Kassam braved gunshots and blasts at 14 Riverside Drive attack.

But this was not his first time facing terrorists head on.

Kassam participated in evacuating hostages at Westage Mall when it was attacked in 2013.

Speaking to Citizen TV last year during the fifth memorial of Westage attack, Kassam said his instincts drive him to respond to difficult situations.

Asked whether he ever thinks about his life and safety as he get to the risky scenes, an emotional Kassam said “yes I do, but the drive to rescue more lives is more”.

On Tuesday, Kassam was among the first responders at Riverside helping save hundreds of victims.

Inayat Kassam in action during the Westgate attack in 2013./Courtesy

Who is this man Inayat Kassam?

He is licensed gunholder, a firearms instructor, training people on how to hand rifles, especially for close-range shooting. He is a member of the Kenya national gun association.

Kassam is also an EDA Krav Maga Instructor.He is also the Managing Director of Scorpio Africa Ltd in Nairobi.

His team provides security management and training in the form of security personnel, unarmed and armed training and certified firearm training that is based on the ITA South African curriculum.

He is certified as an Advanced Tactical Shooting Instructor with ITA, and has also trained with various entities such as SKOPOS, ACT, and AMOK over the course of the last 9 years.

In addition, Kassam has played a key role in matters community policing within Nairobi for close to two decades. His team and expertise were instrumental in saving the lives of many civilians.

Through his years of community policing, a wealth of knowledge regarding local crime patterns has been incorporated into his various training programs. He is a fully certified Level 2 Krav Maga Instructor and holds the rank of Black Belt Level 1 within the EDA Krav Maga System.

Unlike the Westgate hostage situation which lasted more than four days, the response to yesterday’s incident was more coordinated. The operation lasted for less than a day.

Al Qaeda offshoot Al Shabaab terror group claimed responsibility for the attack hours later.

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