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Matatu operators to withdraw services nationwide starting Monday


A file photo of matatus on Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi. Matatu operators will withdraw their services on Monday.


The Federation of Public Transport Operators will withdraw their services nationwide starting from Monday to protest the enforcement of Michuki rules.

Addressing the issue, the Federation of Public Transport Operators stated that they had written to the Ministry of Transport seeking clarification over a myriad of issues set to be implemented.

“We would like to advise our members to withdraw their services on Monday for the purposes of aligning our operations to the new guidelines,” chairman Edwin Mukabana said.

Mukabana said they have written to the Ministry of Transport seeking clarification on some of the requirements.

They wanted clarification over the rules demanding they change all vehicles colour to white, replace all speed governors including those that could be serviced and why vehicle owners will be charged in case of traffic violations.

“We are seeking dialogue with authorities on some unclear and discriminatory guidelines,” he added.

While responding to a strike notice issued by matatu operators for Monday, Iterior CS Fred Matiang’i said they are not going to carry anyone’s burden. He said lawlessness on the roads must come to a stop.

Matiang’i said the government will go after a chain of people to stamp out carelessness on the roads.

“We have taken a longer route this time. We will institutionalise our response to address this insanity. We will focus on the whole chain of responsibility,” he said.

CS Fred Matiang’i while responding to a strike notice for Monday issued by matatu operators/COURTESY


Last week, the government issued a directive to all PSVs to comply with all traffic laws by November 12.

He further revealed that his ministry would deploy more officers on the set date to assist in the crackdown after he discovered that most of those who perished were young people.

According to road accident statistics released by the National Transport and Safety Authority, 2,626 people lost their lives while more than 3,200 others sustained injuries in road accidents in 2018 alone.

The state has widened the traffic offenders net to include the passengers , matatu operators, owners, insurance firms and body builders in the new rules to be implemented.

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