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Man shot dea for stealing meat in Kiambu

Butchery next to rental houses whose tenants heard first and called for help.

Nduma village residents watch the body of the suspect in the police car.

One robbery suspect was shot dead by police at a butchery where he and three others were stealing meat in Kikuyu on Wednesday.

Kiambu Deputy county commissioner Paul Famba said the suspect was in a gang of four at Nduma trading centre. The three others escaped in the 4am incident.

Famba said one of the three escaped with gunshot wounds. He said the police were forced to open fire after the thugs threatened to shoot when they tried to arrest them.

The administrator said they recovered a toy pistol and a motorcycle from the suspects.

“The motorcycle had an insurance certificate on its ignition keys. We will liaise with the NTSA to establish ownership and who was with it at that particular time” he said.

Nyumba Kumi official Alex Njuguna said when the suspects started breaking into the butchery, neighbours heard the sound of breaking wood.

“The butchery is next to rental houses and the tenants heard first and called us. We immediately called the police who were patrolling and responded quickly,” Njuguna said.

He called upon the government to increase patrol posts since housebreak-ins are increasing.

The suspect’s body was taken to Nairobi’s City Mortuary in Nairobi for postmortem and identification.

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