Maize flour prices skyrocket following increased maize prices

Kenyan households set to feel the pinch after prices of maize flour was increased

Maize flour prices have been increased by Ksh9 shilling by Unga Limited, a move that that will affect majority of Kenyans.

The increase has been attributed to a shortage of grains, a move that will put pressure on inflation hurting most Kenyan households.

A two-kilo packet of Jogoo will now retail at ksh110, having shot from ksh101 barely two days ago.

Last week on Friday the same flour brand was retailing at Ksh90 before it was increased to Ksh101 on Monday which is a 21 percent increase in under a week.

Other brands such as Soko are selling at ksh111, up from Ksh109 with Kifaru selling at Ksh105.

The government has cited hoarding of maize for the price jump, arguing the country has enough grains after a bumper harvest last year.

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri said there was enough maize in the country that can last up to July.

Maize harvest reportedly hit 40.9 million bags last year, reflecting a 20 percent rise that was expected to deliver cheaper flour.

However, the flour millers claimed they were not getting enough stocks from farmers even with an increased price of Ksh2,700 for a 90-kilo bag.

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