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Leaked letter that led DCI to summon three CSs over Ruto ‘assasination’

Cabinet Secretaries Sicily Kariuki (Health), Joe Mucheru (ICT) and Peter Munya (Industrialisation) when they appeared at the DCI headquarters on Monday.

An alleged letter by an unknown Cabinet Secretary is at the centre of the drama that has hit President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cabinet.

The alleged letter which has been circulating online for a week now is what led to the summoning of three CSs by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Monday.

The author of the alleged letter dated May 30, 2019 claims that a meeting had been convened at Hotel La Mada to discuss how to “shore up support for the President in Mt. Kenya and its diaspora.”

Also on the agenda was “proposed referendum” and “go on the offensive against Deputy President William Ruto.

Alleged letter part A
Alleged letter part B

On Monday, Industrialisation CS Peter Munya confirmed that the letter was the basis on which they were summoned by the DCI.

Munya said that the DCI is yet to confirm that a letter allegedly sent to the President over the matter is genuine or not.

“I think it is irresponsible, unfair and intended to portray us in a very bad light so that we look like criminals who meet to plot criminal activities against him. It is also intended to injure our reputation as law abiding citizens,” Munya said.

“So we told them if they authenticate the letter, and they find it is genuine and therefore it requires our response, we are ready to do so at any time,” he added.

The trio also stated that they were, however, unable to record statements at the DCI since there was no written complaint besides the said phone call.

“The standard procedure is that if someone makes an allegation of that nature, he is required by law to record a statement; the deputy president has not recorded any statement,” stated Munya.

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