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Likoni tragedy: ill-fated car finally retrieved

The car thag plunged into the Indian Ocean 13 days ago has been retrieved.

Their vehicle with registration number KCB 289C was lifted from the Indian Ocean a few minutes after 4pm on Friday.

A crane was used to lift it out of the water as Red Cross officials prepared to take the bodies to the mortuary.

The bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her four-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu are yet to be confirmed if they are in the vehicle.

Divers from the Kenya Navy, Kenya Ferry Services Ltd, Kenya Ports Authority, the Kenya Coast Guard Service and Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute were part of the operation.

Private divers from Sub Sea Services, a South African firm, also assisted government agencies to recover the two bodies.

The ill-fated car was the last to board MV Harambee ferry on Sunday, September 29, 2019.

It is alleged that the car reversed when the ferry was midstream, plunging the car into the ocean.

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