Disclaimer for Mkarimu Media Inc. and Mkarimu Radio

General Disclaimer:

Mkarimu Media Inc. and Mkarimu Radio are committed to upholding the highest standards of copyright compliance and intellectual property rights. We strive to ensure that all music aired on Mkarimu Radio complies with applicable licensing requirements and respects the rights of artists, composers, and rights holders.

Specific Points:

  1. Licensing: Mkarimu Media Inc. is licensed under SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada). Our license ensures that we operate within the legal framework of music broadcasting and performance rights in Canada.

    SOCAN Canada Addresses:

    • Head Office: 41 Valleybrook Drive Toronto, ON M3B 2S6 Canada
    • Montreal Office: 25 St-Charles Street West Longueuil, QC J4H 4E4 Canada
  2. Intellectual Property Rights: Mkarimu Media Inc. and Mkarimu Radio do not claim any intellectual rights to foreign and non-Mkarimu owned intellectual properties. All rights remain with the respective artists, composers, and rights holders.
  3. Royalties: Mkarimu Media Inc. pays royalties solely as required by the SOCAN license. We do not pay additional royalties to individual artists or rights holders unless specifically mandated by SOCAN or other applicable laws.
  4. Promotional Materials: Mkarimu Media Inc. receives promotional materials from various sources, including managers, promoters, and self-publishers, for the purpose of airing music. Unless otherwise stated, these materials are used royalty-free based on the understanding that they are promotional in nature.
  5. Affiliate Information: Our most prominent music affiliate is M4D MUSIC, located at Richard Mortensens Vej 10A, 2 mf, København S, Denmark 2300. For inquiries related to M4D MUSIC, please contact them directly at +45 53 83 07 60.

Final Note:

Mkarimu Media Inc. and Mkarimu Radio are dedicated to supporting artists and promoting their work in a manner that respects intellectual property rights and legal obligations. We encourage artists, composers, and rights holders to reach out to us with any concerns or inquiries regarding music aired on our platform.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Mkarimu Media Inc. and Mkarimu Radio.