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Moses Kuria rubbish resignation claims, says his life in danger

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria/Twitter

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has denied claims that he is resigning.

Kuria reacted after the Star reported his resignation and rather said he was making his apology to the president official.

“Moses Kuria has resigned as Gatundu South MP. Kuria wrote to the speaker on Thursday about the resignation,” read the Star online post.

Sources at the Speaker’s office had disclosed to the Star that Kuria had tendered his resignation.

The resignation talk began on Wednesday with media houses eagerly waiting for the big story.

In a press release, Kuria said that his life is in danger with powerful people in the country issuing him life threats.

“Those with selfish objectives and who have been jumping up and down with threats over my life details with which I have shared with the DCI who is my friend and a person with the capacity to act will work on it,” he said. “people with personal and political scores to settle with me.”

Kuria said he supports the Building Bridges initiative by President Uhuru and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and apologised for his earlier remarks.

“Following my speech at Thika Stadium on the eve of New Year, there has been heated debate in the country and rising political temperatures which are coming at a very early phase of the New Year. On January 4, I addressed a press conference in Gatundu South and clarified that my speech was directed at Kiambu Leadership and not President Uhuru,” he said.

“I have nothing but utmost respect for President Uhuru whom I have worked with for a long time towards making Kenya a great nation. In that press conference I offered my unqualified apology to the President for any hurt and misconception that my words could have created. I hereby reiterate that apology to the President and my fellow Kenyans.” he added.

The MP during the eve of new year in Thika criticised the President blaming him for developing other areas at the expense of Kiambu.

Kuria criticised the Jubilee administration for allegedly neglecting the Mt Kenya region.

He said residents were yet to reap the gains the Government had promised despite them voting for it overwhelmingly, twice.

“The region lags behind in terms of roads, electricity and water. It is time the Government put more effort on it,” he had said.

“Although the residents still support the Jubilee Government, it is time for it to reciprocate,” the controversial MP added.

A week later he was still on the topic in spite of his earlier apology to the president on January 4 when he said his criticism had been directed to local Kiambu leadership but not the President.

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