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Kenyans might pay tax for every chicken brought from up-country

By Nairobi News

Nairobi residents are in for a rude shock should Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko have his way.
Sonko wants to introduce tax on all chicken brought from up-country.

His administration is working on a bill that will see residents pay a Ksh25 tax for every chicken
that enters the capital city.

In June, Nairobi Finance and Economic Planning Executive Charles Kerich announced new taxes and levies that, if approved by the County Assembly, will see city residents dig deeper into their pockets for City Hall’s Ksh35.2 billion annual budget.

Apart from chicken, owners of cats and dogs from up-country will fork out Ksh1,000 as well.

The bill also includes increased parking fees, new charges for garbage collection, fire certificates and inspection for cats and dogs.

Under the Finance Bill 2019, Nairobians will pay Ksh400 parking fees up from Ksh200, a fire certificate fee of Ksh2,000 per annum for all city households, Ksh1,000 in health inspection fee for every dog and cat and between Ksh100 to Ksh600 for garbage collection for all homes.

However, the residents of Nairobi are not about to take it in as they demanded Mr Sonko for answers on how the tax will be implemented.

A number of them took to social media to criticize the proposed Bill by government stating that it is unnecessary and meant to frustrate the common man.

“Sonko’s downfall…Kabogo started with slapping slaughterhouses with a certain strange tax,where’s he now ? cooling his heels I don’t know where,” said a one Mogire Benjamin, on twitter.
“This is very unfortunate. Our beloved Kenya,” Kilo Alpha tweeted.

“Stop the chickens from upcountry so that the politicians who run chicken businesses in Nairobi can feed the common man! That’s to tell you that if your grandmother competes with the politicians in selling Chicken your grandmother will always loose!” another said.

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