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Kenyans in Diaspora to be excluded fom 2019 Census

By Mkarimu Media

Kenyans living abroad will be exempted from the upcoming Census The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) has announced.

In a Twitter post, the organisation charged with conducting the headcount clarified that Kenyans living abroad will not be included.

“Kenyans in the diaspora will not be enumerated. However, people will be asked some questions about members who have migrated to other countries since 2004,” the notice read.

According to KNBS all persons within the borders of Kenya during the night of August 24, will be counted.

“This includes outdoor sleepers, persons on transit, individuals in hotels & lodges, those institutions such as hospital and prisons,” read another notice .

The exercise will run for one week from August 24 to August 31, 2019.

Some of the key questions that will be asked will be age, sex, marital status, births deaths, migration and education attainment.

The government is also interested in knowing the forms and severity of difficulties that Kenyans endure while performing daily life activities, labour force particulars and access and ownership of ICT equipment & services.

Census enumerators will record data on crop farming and livestock & agriculture as well as housing characteristics and ownership of assets.

“All those who will not have been enumerated by 31st August 2019, should report to the local administrative office,” KNBS directed.

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