Kenyan Woman Living In Serbia Wins Lottery,gives Shocking Response

A Kenyan woman living in Serbia won Sh699 million (Euros 6.05 million) in a lottery but has claimed will not donate the money to those living in her native land.

Purity Slavulj hails from the coastal town of Mombasa and is now living in Serbia where she is a vlogger and podcaster.

News of her lottery win and the shocker from her response were published in the Serbian newspaper, Serbia Post.

Speaking to the Serbia Post, the woman whose lucky numbers were 1, 3, 7, 10, 19, 20 and 30, said she will donate her winnings to starving children in Montenegro.

Asked why she will not help out those in Kenya, Purity said her native land is corrupt and the monies might end up in the wrong hands.

Here is what her claim alleged:

“The girl who hails from Mombasa made the decision out of fear that the money will not be put into good use in Kenya because of runaway corruption.
The girl named Purity Slavulj won the Serbia National Lottery worth 6.05 million Euros.
After being announced the winner, Purity said that she will use all of the money to help starving children in Montenegro.
She also said that she will invest in the cigarettes business too.

But what has shocked many is her conclusion that if she sent any coin back home, it will never be put into good use because the Kenyan government is corrupt.

Her story has however attracted a lot of criticism with many social media users terming it as fake.

The mega lottery win is the biggest to have ever been won by a Kenyan. In Kenya, there has never been a lottery with such a huge amount attached on it.

Currently, the leading jackpots have been issued by sports betting firm SportsPesa, with the largest amount won standing at slightly over Sh. 200 million.”

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